Audio Werner will release his debut album via Sushitech, titled On A Different Note.

On A Different Note is not an album in the traditional sense, rather it’s an anthology of unreleased Audio Werner tracks recorded over the past decade. During the process of selecting and compiling, new tracks have been added and older ones replaced. “Hidden links among the tracks then revealed themselves, and the previously unknown nature of the project took shape,” the label explains.

We’re told that these recordings are “slightly different” to the Audio Werner productions we’ve heard before, and that “they take you on a journey to bizarre places in our multiverse and to the deepest corners of your psyche.”

Audio Werner, real name Andreas Werner, is a prolific if understated producer, and the creator of many timeless tracks, released on labels like Perlon, Cabinet Records, Minibar, Galdoors, and his own Hartchef, among others. His music blends quality groove with just the right amount of subtle changes and detailed musical content to make you want to listen over and over again while you bounce to the beat.


01. Ohne
02. Darum
03. Rau
04. Es
05. Vogel
06. Alter
07. Anruf
08. Wir

On A Different Note LP is coming soon, with clips below.