Richard Burkinshaw and Jamies Rial, who make up the well-versed Ibiza-based DJ duo Audiojack, are slated to release their latest EP All by Mouth on May 9. Having released music on 20/20 Vision since 2006, the duo has come to be known as a cornerstone of the label’s history, with this latest EP being Audiojack’s ninth release on the imprint. Rial and Burkinshaw have decided to try something new for this release…all three-tracks on the duo’s forthcoming All by Mouth EP were made using only sounds from the human mouth.

Here’s a few words from the boys explaining how the concept came about: “We make our sounds from scratch these days but when we started out ten years ago our music was sample based and we built up quite a collection. Last year we had a look through and came across a CD with thousands of vocal phrases and beatbox recordings. We thought it would be a fun challenge to make a track using only sounds made by the human mouth and ended up with Vowels, which sounded pretty unique and worked in a club environment too. We sent it to Ralph at 20/20 Vision who have always been open to releasing more experimental stuff and he suggested we make a full EP in the same way.”

You can preview snippets of the EP below.