Audion—the menacing techno alter-ego of Matthew Dear—has announced Alpha, his first full-length since his acclaimed debut in 2005’s Suckfish. Dear’s techno endeavors blossomed organically from his move to Detroit as a teenager, where he became enamored with the city’s most notable dance music export. He also taps the energy, culture, and sounds of European clubs, which he cites as the central influence in”Mouth to Mouth,” a track that garnered him international praise after Richie Hawtin released it in his closing set at the 2006 Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

Since cofounding Ghostly International in 1998, Dear has graced the now-legendary label with numerous Audion releases and made stops at some of the most storied clubs around the globe. Alpha will represent the closing of the first chapter in his artistic trajectory, one that endowed him with the ability to blend the relentless with the sophisticated in ways that few in his position can. Hear the fervent bass and twisted synth leads of “Destroyer” on Boiler Room, the first peak at the album’s ambitions.

Alpha is scheudled for release on June 10 via !K7.

Catch Dear at his next performance during Loveland Barcelona with KiNK, Surgeon, and others. Learn more here.


01. A1 Dem
02. There Was A Button
03. Gut Man Commeth
04. Traanc
05. Celestial Antibody
06. Destroyer
07. Suppa
08. Napkin
09. Bob The Builder
10. Sucker
11. Timewarp
12. Zunk Synth
13. Sicko