Unlike the acid-house meets tech-pop sound made under his birthname Matthew Dear, the Audion experience is all about noisy, 4/4 psychedelia. The Spectral Sound stalwart has already released six records, including the full-length Suckfish, which beams with sexual titles (“F*cking”, “Your Place or Mine”) and rarely strays from the 4/4 deepness and tripped-out samples that make people go nuts on the dancefloor–even post-3 a.m.

Since Suckfish, Audion has released a split single with Berlinette Ellen Alien and released remixes with Canada’s Konrad Black, fellow Spectral brethren Bodycode, and Heartthrob. Now we have the seventh installment of the Audion series–and an awesome contrast to Dear’s newest vocal pop release, Asa Breed.

The “Noisier/Fred’s Bells” 12″, picks up where Audion left off–in the realm of the minimal, deep, and, well, noisy. After playing clubs across the US for the better part of 2007, and set to take on the UK, Japan, and Mexico this summer, there is no sign of Dear’s dark alter ego slowing down.

“Noisier/Fred’s Bells” is out May 22, 2007 on Spectral Sound.