Auntie Flo (a.k.a DJ, producer and musician Brian d’Souza) will release a new album via Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings

We’re told that Radio Highlife is an “expansive summation” of d’Souza’s career thus far. His music has always drawn from a wide span of connections and, more so than ever before, Radio Highlife presents a “kaleidoscope of different encounters that sparked its patchwork of ideas.” The album is the summation of field recordings and studio sessions from everywhere from Cuba to Cape Town, Bali to Kampala, and voices from Russia, Istanbul, Senegal, and the UK. 

The spark for the album was a visit to Cuba in 2014. Booked to play at the inaugural Havana World Music Festival, d’Souza arranged some studio time at Laboratorio Nacional de Música Electroacústica, a national institution whose history runs back to the late ‘70s. Inspired by Brownswood’s Mala In Cuba album released the previous year, d’Souza invited a cast of Cuban players to join him in the studio.

The album title is the same as d’Souza’s show on Worldwide FM, with both of them being the result of his travels around the world—where the local radio is often his first introduction to the place’s music.

D’Souza’s two previous long-players, Theory of Flo and Future Rhythm Machine, were released on the Glasgow-based Huntleys & Palmers imprint. This is his Brownswood debut. 


01.Life Is High

02.Nobody Said It Would Easy

03.Havana Rhythm Dance ft. Andrew Ashong 

04. Isbjørn

05.Radio Souk

06.Lights In The Northern Sky

07.Western Princes

08.Inga’s Choir

09.Malawi Skit

10.Cape Town Jam

11.One Guitar ft. Dan Mugula 

12. Kampala

13.Magic Stones Skit

14.Mame’s Story ft. Mame D’Diack

Radio Highlife LP will arrive on October 12, with “Cape Town Jam” streaming in full via the player below.