Will Saul‘s Aus Music will celebrate its 100th release this July.

To mark the occasion, which falls on the end of the label’s first decade in business, it has gathered a whole host of artists (90% of the acts to have ever contributed to the Aus catalog, in fact), who provide a bunch of new and exclusive cuts over the 24 track compilation. Aside from Saul, there is new music from BicepMidlandHuxleyDeetronNick HöppnerPearson SoundYouandewan, and Marquis Hawkes amongst others. The release will be made as a quadruple vinyl, triple CD and digital compilation (also featuring a continuous mix by Saul).

Aside from the release of Aus 100, the label is also undertaking a global 10 Years Of Aus tour from April through the rest of the year.

Aus 100 is due out July 8, and can be pre-ordered here. Check out the full tracklisting below.

01. Bwana “VVedding”
02. Komon “Euclidean”
03. Cottam “Brand New Dub”
04. FOLD “All City”
05. Marquis Hawkes “No Rush”
06. Timothy Blake “Soul Without Shame”
07. Shenoda “Minute”
08. DJ October “Drama Queen”
09. Pearson Sound “Standoff”
10. Nick Höppner “Pneuma”
11. Appleblim “Twinkle”
12. Midland “Decompression Suite”

01. Huxley “Bisto Inferno”
02. Sei A “Wan Hunner”
03. Bicep & Hammer “ARACARI”
04. Sideshow “Yek Do”
05. Youandewan “Sicko”
06. Breach & DJ Dust “Win Ugly”
07. DJ T. “Under The Radar”
08. Deetron “Cycle”
09. Will Saul & October “Dimension One”
10. Trevino “Shimmer”
11. Komon & Will Saul “Circadian”
12. Lee Jones “Nocturne”