Recent Bubblin’ Up artist—and even more recent NYC transplant—Austin Cesear will return to the Public Information label (who dropped his debut release back in 2012) with a six-track mini-LP later this month. Titled West Side, the record is said to have been heavily inspired by Cesear’s former place of residence, Oakland, California, where the industrial landscape of the city’s docks were interpreted back in the studio as six murky electronic productions.

Serving as our first taste of West Side is lead track “La Paloma,” which has received a video treatment from director Paul Clipson. Consisting of footage shot on 16mm film in San Francisco—with its images, layers, and effects manipulated live in-camera—the entrancing video for “La Paloma” can be watched below, where the full tracklist for Austin Ceaser’s forthcoming mini-LP (set to drop on September 29) has also been included.

A1. La Paloma
A2. Ain’t It So (Necessary)
A3. Cloven Hoov
B1. Easy Bend
B2. Samareda
B3. Bee Free (Warlick Mix)