Western Australia hip-hop collective Superego have released their fiery new single, Outer Body Stranger, in collaboration with Sampa The Great.

Outer Body Stranger is a personal coming of age story produced by Superego member Faoul Duke and written by Sampa The Great with band frontman POW(ER)! Negro, who describes it as an “attempt for a deeper connection to his African heritage, while coming to terms with being a person of mixed race living in Australia.”

Formed in 2017, the five-piece collective deliver experimental, electronically-influenced, drum-driven tracks with thoughtful and often aggressive bars and glitchy sax lines. They were brought together through their love of hip-hop production and unique live music, and have gained a reputation around Australia for their energetic live show. Together, they speak to the black experience in a predominantly white Australia, as well as the unique social and individual challenges we face in the modern world.

Superego’s first EP, Jasmine & Liquorice, surfaced in 2017, and they’ve since returned with digital-only tracks Flesh Off The Bone and Caller ID, which spoke to the inner turmoil we face when dealing with feelings of inadequacy, helplessness, and self loathing.

Outer Body Stranger forms part of the collective’s second EP, Nautilus, which drops on March 25. You can stream it in full below with a video directed, shot, and edited by Matsu Photography. Meanwhile, the EP’s first single, Burn, is available here.