A new artist hailing from Melbourne, Null will release his debut EP, Almost, in March. The seven-track effort is a co-release by the Acéphale and Siberia labels, and from the preview of EP track “Luv U, Luv Me” (streamable below) it will see Null combine graceful, ambient textures with pulsing surface features that recall various strains of ’90s techno and house.

A cryptic introduction to the forthcoming release reads: “Null Electronic Corporation’s 2015 line of audio-electronic products aims to provide seven unique and innovative audio-visual based constituents for cohesive private and public operation.” With that in mind, Null’s debut release will come accompanied by a series of visual creations crafted by Los Angeles-based web and media group Oval-X. The first of these, a visual preview of the record, can currently be watched over on Null’s website, here.

The Almost EP is set to arrive on March 3, and a full album from Null is slated for later in the year. In the meantime, we’ve included the full tracklist for the EP below, along with a stream of Null’s aforementioned “Luv U, Luv Me” production.

1. 40
2. Mothering
3. Back 2 Normal, Almost
4. Luv U, Luv Me
5. Oil Run
6. Rhone Interstellaire
7. Dhash