Rachel Lyn will launch her label with Oh Daydream, her debut solo album.

Lyn, an Australian based in Berlin, Germany, is known for her work with Modular Gang, an event series, and 3Ddancer, a live project alongside Alex the Fairy and Volruptus. Oh Daydream is her first solo album, and it’s said to introduce her on a personal and sonic level. She describes it as the “blooming of years of introverted development.”

The record is inspired by a youth spent in the ambiance of endless VHSs, early ’70s electronic pioneers, and Lyn’s classical ballet vinyl collection. Lyn describes it as a “personal sonic diary” where deep bass accompanies haunting vocals to construct captivating atmospheres.

Oh Daydream is an audio-visual release, which is to say the tracks are accompanied by videos in a collaboration with the Paris-based photographer and video artist David Paige. Paige’s imagery narrates Lyn’s poetry, adding an extra dimension to her sonic journey, she says.

As for the label, My Own Imaginary World will serve as a home for Lyn’s own intimate sonic explorations, she says. The music will focus on art noise and soundtracks, facilitating room for her emotions and imaginations, Lyn adds. The label logo was designed by Tombo.


01. You (Acapella)
02. Make Me Feel Inside La La
03. Children’s Play
04. So Many Thoughts At Night
05. Fairy World
06. Seen Any Monsters Lately?
07. Chase
08. Shock You Through The Heart

Oh Daydream LP is scheduled for October 28 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Make Me Feel Inside La La” below and pre-order here.