Laila Sakini has released Into the Traffic, Under the Moonlight, a set of songs woven from the same fibre as her sublime Vivienne album.

Into the Traffic, Under the Moonlight expands on Vivienne‘s minimalist palette of piano, voice, and effects to include some percussive samples, cello, bass clarinet, flute, and hand claps. “Listening to that album, followed by this one, feels a bit like emerging from a small room—curtains drawn— into the outside world for the first time in a while,” Sakini explains.

The album features Brian Allen Simon on bass clarinet and a sample of Bernardo Risquez’ cello. There are 150 cassette editions.

Sakini is a London-based Australian DJ, curator, and musician, recognized for her sensitive and minimal musical landscapes. Each of her songs is courageous, intimate, and wildly hypnotic. Vivienne, available now on Los Angeles’ Total Stasis, was her debut album.

Sakini released Strada, a deliciously mysterious round of smudged trip-hop and spiritual jazz, for Boomkat’s Documenting Sound series in September.


01. Talk My Way
02. Wade High
03. Into The Traffic
04. Easy Does
05. Metro
06. Hold It Heavy
07. Hold It Without a Beat
08. Night Emotion

Into the Traffic, Under the Moonlight is available now.