Tangents will return with Timeslips, a new studio album on Temporary Residence Ltd.

Tangents is a Sydney, Australia-based quintet melding rhythmic, improvisational jazz with melancholy tunes and artfully abstract production. Timeslips follows their 2018 album, New Bodies, and they recorded much of it in a single day, just before guitarist Sia Ahmad left the band. Only the “bravest, most intense” moments from the session remain intact across the release.

In contrast to Tangents‘ earlier work, we’re told that “more tension and intention” pervade Timeslips, and that it demonstrates a “thoughtful maturation of spontaneous ideas.”

The brittle skittering mallets of “Exaptation,” raucous guitar of “Debris,” and processed trumpet of “Vessel” add new timbres to an existing palette of jazz drums, melancholy piano, throbbing cello, and swirling glitched ambience.

The album finishes with the tonal rumble of a 100-carriage coal train winding through New South Wales’ Bylong Valley, which recalls Tangents’ earlier references to the Australian environment on New Bodies and Stateless, also on the Brooklyn, New York label.


01. Exaptation
02. Vessel
03. Old Organs
04. Survival
05. Debris
06. Bylong

Timeslips LP is out on September 4. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Old Organs” in full below.