Autechre will release SIGN, a new studio album on Warp.

SIGN, featuring 11 newly produced tracks, is the first standard length Autechre album since 2013’s Exai. In typical Autechre fashion, the duo of Rob Brown and Sean Booth have shared no information other than the release artwork and tracklisting. We also know the runtime: one hour, five minutes, and 33 seconds.

In the years since Exai, Brown and Booth have shared many hours of music and content. In April 2018, they put out NTS Sessions 1-4, containing eight hours of original music, and they added to that in November with 13 hours of video and zip folders containing performance data and samples for their live sets. Last year, they put out two hours of cuts recorded between 1989 and 1993, downloading here, and they’ve put out an assortment of live recordings.

Autechre first released on Warp with 1993’s Incunabula.


01. M4 Lema
02. F7
03. si00
04. esc desc
05. au14
06. Metaz form8
07. sch.mefd 2
08. gr4
09. th red a
10. psin AM
11. r cazt

SIGN LP is scheduled for October 16 release on CD, vinyl, and digitally. Pre-order is available now. (Editor’s note: public streams will be added as they’re made available.)