Avalon Emerson has launched her new project, Avalon Emerson & The Charm.

Avalon Emerson & The Charm is the first time that Emerson has put herself, her emotions, and her voice into the spotlight. She sees it as an ever-shifting collaboration. On stage, it means performing live with her wife, Hunter Lombard, and old friend Keivon Hobeheidar.

“The Charm has no fixed roster and no fixed rules,” we’re told. “It’s a vehicle for expression and connection, with Emerson at the helm.”

To launch the project, Emerson has shared “Sandrail Silhouette,” which is co-produced with Bullion.

The seed of the track started in Los Angeles a couple years ago, with Lombard strumming on her Jazzmaster guitar and Emerson plucking some chords on her Hydrasynth. Emerson brought the snippets into the studio with Bullion and they added some drums and Emerson wrote some vocal melodies and lyrical thoughts of things that were on her mind. Then a couple of days later, Hobeheidar came into the studio and they played him the sketch and nearly instantly he wrote the cello parts.

“It really all came together basically that day,” Emerson recalls. “It was really encouraging to feel like we got to the heart of something like this so fluidly and beautifully.”

The track launches Another Dove, a new label Emerson has launched with long-term affiliate and AD 93 founder Nic Tasker.

“Sandrail Silhouette” follows 060, Emerson’s recent EP on AD 93, and Eternal September, her collaborative release with Anunaku as A+A.


01. Sandrail Silhouette

“Sandrail Silhouette” is available now.