Avalon Emerson will celebrate the 25th anniversary of DJ-Kicks, the series’ 72nd edition.

Emerson’s 70-minute mix traverses a wide range of tempos and styles. The selections are tied together with her own edits, remixes, and productions. She opens with a bold and playful cover of The Magnetic Fields’ “Long Forgotten Fairytale” and closes with her “14th Life” remix of Austra’s “Anywayz.”

“I wanted it to be representative of how I sound in the club while incorporating new original music,” Emerson says. “I thought of it as a good opportunity to summarize the last few years of DJing for me and share my original productions, covers, and remixes.”

Alongside today’s announcement, Emerson has shared her new single, “Wastelands & Oases,” streaming below.

Raised in Arizona, Emerson started to make, release, and play music in San Francisco before moving to Berlin in 2014. In 2019, she launched her own series of events, 9000 Dreams, which entailed all-night-long solo DJ sets and club lineups that she curated. She’s issued music on labels like AD 93 (f.k.a Whities) and Ghostly International’s Spectral Sound.


01. Avalon Emerson “Long Forgotten Fairytale”
02. Avalon Emerson “Wastelands & Oases”
03. Butterfly “Tranceonic”
04. Waveform “Breakers in Space” (DAT Remix)
05. Avalon Emerson “Rotting Hills”
06. Anthony Acid “Doe Doe Doe”
07. Little Mike “Dirty Pusher Man”
08. DJ Sense “Finest”
09. General Midi “The Future”
10. Oni Ayhun “OAR004-A”
11. Oklou “Just Level 5 Cause It’s Cute”
12. Oceanic “Yellow Cone”
13. Smith & Hack “Ultra Range Process”
14. Soundstream “3rd Movement”
15. The Dirtbombs “Shari Vari” (Avalon Emerson’s cybernedit)
16. !!! “Hello? Is This Thing On?” (Thomas N’ Eric’s Rub And Tug Throwdown)
17. Avalon Emerson “Poodle Power”
18. Lady B “Cruising Around Motor City”
19. Regular Citizen “Ultramarine Dew”
20. Austra “Anywayz” (Avalon Emerson 14th Life Version)

DJ-Kicks: Avalon Emerson is scheduled for September 18 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here.