Shifted‘s Avian imprint has outlined details of its upcoming release schedule.

Following on from the news that he would release his third full-length as Shifted with Hopsital Productions later this year, Guy Brewer has now also revealed details of upcoming releases on Avian. First up is a new three track EP by the British producer himself—Six Steps to Resurgence—which blends techno stylings with elements of drone and noise influences, due out next Monday August 8. It will be followed by an EP entitled Love, Labour, Loss by Pris this September (a familiar face at Avian after his 2014 EP This Heavy Heart).

It has also been revealed that Avian will be launching a new sub-label this year: Drifting Over, a sub-division reserved specifically for Brewer’s own output. According to the label, the material was recorded by Brewer over three years ago and is “immediate and unfussy, focusing on groove and economy of elements,” made up of “dry, snappy drum machine workouts.”

Amongst the packed release schedule, Avian will also be putting on a label showcase at Berghain on September 23. Shifted, SHXCXCHCXSH and the Empire Line (a.k.a. Varg and Christian Stadsgaard) will all perform live sets, along with DJ sets by Sigha and Pris.

Shifted’s Six Steps to Resurgence will hit stores on August 8. Pre-order it at the Avian store and listen to snippets below.