Awful RecordsDexter Dukarus has just dropped a 10-track instrumental LP titled Four Thousand.

Over the last couple of years, Dukarus has acted as Awful’s production wizard on a list of high-quality collaborations—with Slug Christ on Depersonalize, Stalin Majesty on Pitch Black, and a handful of artists on his own Display None—but he goes solo on his latest, paring things back and taking it back to his roots, as he explains:

Four Thousand is an instrumental project that I started in the fall of 2015. I’m known best for my bass-heavy trap/hip-hop beats but I love making instrumental music for people to just chill and listen to. I want to show people the other side of my production, apart from the constant turn-up. I actually started making music like this first and got into making music for rappers/singers later into my career. A friend of mine introduced me to some really good music that made me think of the music that I used to make and that is what really inspired this album”

It’s a welcome return to more chilled beats for Dukarus, who has crafted an LP that perfectly soundtracks the end of summer and smokey afternoons. You can stream the album in full below and purchase it from iTunes.