While the music of Miles Davis has been interpreted in endless ways over the years, it seems fitting that Deepblak founder Aybee and label mainstay Afrikan Sciences (who we profiled last year) have funneled their experimental, cosmically inclined techno into an homage to the jazz legend. Though named for Davis’ classic Sketches of Spain album, the pair’s new collaborative effort, Sketches of Space, doesn’t target Davis’ original works for interpretation, instead aiming to convey “his pioneering spirit from which this project drew fuel, particularly Davis’s spirit in his continual search for new sound.” This search, according to the press release, “led him into the jazz fusion era, birthing a movement of stunning contributions by jazz giants that began to explore the improvisational possibilities of electronic instruments.”

Recorded over a three-year period, material on the album was culled primarily from live jam sessions in Oakland and Berlin and is due out today via Deepblak as a double LP. As a teaser, album cut “K-Fetisch 01 (Kosmo Bahn)” is available to stream below, where we’ve also included a full tracklist.

A1. Deep East Suite Part 01 (The Call)
B1. Deep East Suite Part 02 (Response)
C1. Deep East Suite Part 03 (Sunward)
C2. K-Fetisch 01 (Kosmo Bahn)
D1. K-Fetisch 02 (Vibes)
D2. Knew What’s Coming (Sculpture)