Accomplished underground producers Jerome Sydenham, Ron Trent, and Aybee have combined forces as S.A.T., a collaborative project that will issue a self-titled LP in November. Set to appear on Sydenham’s Ibadan label, the eight-track effort is said to have stemmed from a conversation the three had over dinner, which then led to them working together on a track, and eventually deciding to together craft an album’s worth of material. A press release further explains, “With the mood in Jerome Sydenham’s Berlin studio loose and organic, the trio set out to produce an album full of the elements they love about the dancefloor experience. After three weeks of living in the studio, the S.A.T. album has emerged.”

With each artist having a distinct style (Sydenham’s and Trent’s being honed over each of their 20-plus-year careers), it’s unclear exactly where these three producers will meet as S.A.T., though the results are likely to land somewhere along the percussive ends of hypnotic techno and truly deep house. While we await the first bits of audio to emerge from the S.A.T. LP, the record’s artwork and tracklist can be found below; the LP is currently slated to arrive on November 25.

01. The Rig
02. Feral
03. Papa Smurf
04. The Gate
05. Fallout
06. Rhythm of the Universe – S.A.T. Rendition feat. Function
07. She Was
08. Fishfarmdisco
0x. Yaphet (digi bonus track)