The four house revivalists of Canadian outfit Azari & III will at long last have a full-length record to call their own when the burgeoning Loose Lips imprint drops Azari & III on August 30. On the creation of his band’s 11-track album, producer Christian Farley says, “I think we just wanted to make art. We weren’t really trying to make anything except a beautiful piece of sound… It was a long, slow, drawn-out process.” Though we have no artwork for the quartet’s forthcoming record, you can check out its full tracklist, which includes Azari & III’s excellent early singles “Reckless (With Your Love),” “Indigo,” and “Hungry for the Power,” below. (via Resident Advisor)

01. Into the Night
02. Reckless (With Your Love)
03. Tunnel Vision
04. Indigo
05. Lost In Time
06. Infiniti
07. Change of Heart
08. Manhooker
09. Undecided
10. Hungry for Power
11. Manic