Aztek will release a new full-length, Summit, his first for new label Courteous Family.

Originally from Chicago, Aztek relocated to Utah, which became the source inspiration for the album. On his way home from working in Park City, Utah, Aztek would drive down the mountain pass and experience an inversion on the horizon, seeing the buildup of pollution sitting on the mountain. The haze that he continued to see night after night became a “symbol” for what he wrote in Summit.

The album is described as a “beautiful blend between the primal and the abstract” that touches on “many landscapes within the electronic world,” including tribal, bass, electronic, trap, and zouk.

Courtesy Family is an LA-based artist collective that includes Huxley Anne and Woolymammoth, among many others. The label arm only launched last year.

Upon the release of Summit, Aztek will relocate to Los Angeles, with plans to work closely with Courteous Family and the area’s experimental electronic scene.


01. That’s A Dead Guy
02. Gastown
03. CrumblyBumpkin’s Demise
04. Over There Is Water
05. Cunninglingus with Joan Sanders
06. Sushlord 4k
07. Summit
08. Disconnected
09. Romper
10. Ramsey’s Curse
11. Soulection Killed My Airplants
12. Edd Hardy Summer Kamp (feat. Tsuruda)

Summit LP will land on April 27.