Bands reunite all the time and it’s not always that big of a deal. Who really cares if The Smashing Pumpkins are playing 77 shows in two cities? But when Bad Brains get together for their first album in over a decade, it’s not only a big deal, it’s a reason to celebrate. Slated for release on Mega Force Records (home of Anthrax, S.O.D., Danzig, and Ministry), Build A Nation is the same type of hardcore decadence that helped change the entire punk landscape.

Produced by Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, Build A Nation embodies the spirit of ’88, complete with distorted basslines and manic three-chord progressions. Instead of relying solely on vocalist HR’s recent dub efforts, Build a Nation is Rasta punk at its finest–urgent, angry, and filled with uplifting lyrics.

In addition to the band’s studio album, Bad Brains will also embark on a short East Coast tour with one date taking place on a boat cruising around New York City. Jah has just handed the world another blessing.

Build A Nation is out June 26 on Mega Force.

1. Give Thanks and Praises
2. Jah People Make the World Go Round
3. Pure Love
4. Natty Dreadlocks ‘Pon the Mountain Top
5. Build A Nation
6. Expand Your Soul
7. Jah Love
8. Let There Be Angels (Just Like You)
9. Universal Peace
10. Roll On
11. Until Kingdom Comes
12. In the Beginning
13. Send You No More Flowers
14. Peace Be Unto Thee

06/24 Asbury Park, NJ: NY School of Rock Festival
06/25 New York, NY: NY Boat Ride
07/29 Toronto, ON: The Rogers Picnic
08/05 Baltimore, MD: Virgin Festival