The folks over at Wham City have put a lot blood, sweat, and caffeinated soda into making Baltimore a haven for unabashed weirdness and sweaty parties. With a style that seems to both venerate and eviscerate the popular culture icons of the ’80s and ’90s, the art collective makes and promotes music that usually sounds like an old video game strung out on energy drinks and psychedelics. In between the torrential output of both visual and auditory projects, along with a regular schedule of events, they also put together the annual Whartscape event.

The four day extravaganza boasts too many bands to count including the newest Baltimore residents Matmos, party mastermind Dan Deacon, weirdo kings Black Dice, and more playing at a scattershot spread of warehouses and other somewhat more official venues. Surprises will certainly be in store for anyone who attends, as the website calmly notes, “SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO INCOMPREHENSIBLE CHANGES AT THE DROP OF A HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

No matter what happens, you can count on some exhaustingly good times happening July 17-20 in Baltimore. Just don’t forget the soda.

Confirmed Lineup
Nautical Almanac
Ultimate Reality
Adventures in Illegal Art with Mark Hosler of Negativland
Leprechaun Catering
Teeth Mountain
Blue Leader
Ben Heresey
Ric Royer
Beach House
Jana Hunter
Golden Age
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Wheatie Mattiasich
Santa Dads
Matteah Baim
Andy Abelow
Eagle Ager
A Murmered Tale
Thank You
Killer Whales
The Mae Shi
Eyeball Skeleton
Bird Names
Ecstatic Sunshine
Lexie Mountain Boys
The Creepers
WZT Hearts
Ed Schrader
Air Waves
Benny Stoofy
King Cloud
Video Hippos
Nuclear Power Pants
Blood Baby
Human HOst
Food for Animals