Michael Baltra will release his first album, Ted, in July via his own 96 And Forever

The 15-track LP is described as a “time capsule of expression.” It started out as an idea lacking focus but took on greater meaning when Baltra’s father passed away somewhat unexpectedly. “He was the rock in our family and I wouldn’t be who I am today without him,” Baltra says. The album is titled Ted in his honour. 

Whilst an unexpected tragedy may have shaped the trajectory of the album and given it a sense of purpose and meaning, musically the result feels more rooted in triumph and elation. The label describes it as a “deeply personal, intricate, and stirring collection of electronic music.” 

“The album went through many phases,” Baltra says. “But in the end staying true to my emotions along this whirlwind of a ride seemed like the proper way to do it rather than to conceptualize something that I couldn’t even put into words at the time. With this record I’ve aimed to really bring the listener into my world, and into my audio landscape.” 

Park Hye Jin features on the lead single, “Ahead Of Time.” 

Baltra’s previously released on Lobster Theremin, Lost Palms, and Of Paradise. 


01. Flashback 

02. Opal Drip 

03. Supreme 

04. In The Mist Of Lovers Past 

05. How Does It Work? 

06. Ted’s Interlude 

07. Rue Des Sablons

08. Bankrolls  

09. Ahead Of Time (with 박혜진 park hye jin) 

10. Pleasurematrix 

11. x_dkjf_a 

12. This Is The Last Time, I Promise 

13. Mariyah 

14. Study Of You

15. Forever Alone

Ted LP lands on July 19, with the title track streaming below.