Bambounou is set to release an EP on Don’t DJ’s DISK imprint on May 25.

Bambounou has been a key figure in the Parisian scene for many years and has gained popularity for his numerous releases on 50Weapons as well as his genre-bending sets. After spending the past couple of years in the studio, he’s now set to return with a three-track EP, Parametr Perkusja.

We’re told that the EP “melds rhythmic instability with Bambounou’s tribal touch,” coming from “a more spiritual side” of the Parisian DJ and producer.


A1. Dernier Metro
A2. Kosovo Hardcore

Parametr Perkusja will be out on May 25 on black 12” vinyl wrapped in artwork by Lotte Meret Effinger. Meanwhile, you can stream “VVVVV” in full via the player below.