Paris’ vinyl-only Taapion Records has released its third compilation, featuring tracks from Bambounou, Shlømo & AWB, PVNV, and Kas:st.

First up is “The Traitor” by Bambounou, one of the strongest Parisian artists of these last years. Up next are Shlømo & AWB, two of the three label heads, with “Blind,” before PVNV’s “Lost Manifest,” the third and final label heads.Closing out is “Noumene” by Kas:st.


A1. Bambounou “The Traitor”
A2. Shlømo & AWB “Blind”
B1. PVNV “Lost Manifest”
B2. Kas:st “Noumene”

Various Artists EP is out now, with “Blind” streamable in full below.