Icelandic music isn’t known for being upbeat. With Múm, Sigur Rós, and Bjork hailing from the region, true bangers are something of an anomaly. And while the name Bang Gang may imply dance-fervor, Iceland-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Bardi Johannsson’s project follows the familiar moody isolation of his aforementioned polar peers.

Johannsson’s newest offering, Something Wrong (From Nowhere), is an acoustic eclipse of dramatic semi-ballads (soft female vocals, lots of strings, and layered IDM drum-scapes). As off-putting as that may sound for those who want a band with the name “Bang Gang” to shovel out at least a few party staples, there is still hope.

A new release isn’t the only thing Johannsson is offering. His From Nowhere imprint and Fanatic Promotion are serving up a chance for one lucky bedroom kingpin to experience the motherland–all you have to do is turn out a killer remix of Bang Gang’s dream-pop hit “It’s Alright.” Johannsson himself will judge the remixes, and the winner will receive two tickets to Reykjavik, Iceland, two nights in a Reykjavik hotel, transportation to the hotel, and a shitload of exposure. Not too shabby (even if you have to endure two days of darkness).

Contestants should send MP3s of their remixes, and full names and email addresses to by Friday, May 11, 2007. A winner will be notified on May 21.

Something Wrong is out now on From Nowhere.

1. Inside
2. Follow
3. Something Wrong
4. It’s Alright
5. There Was A Whisper
6. Fporward and Reverse
7. Find What You Get
8. In the Morning
9. Stop In the Name of Love
10. Everything’s Gone
11. Contradictions
12. Look at the Sun