Barker & Baumecker have announced a forthcoming EP and LP on Ostgut Ton.

Berlin based musicians Sam Barker and Andreas Baumecker (a.k.a. nd_baumecker) released their first collaborative EP with the Berghain-affiliated label back in 2010, and have since released another EP (plus a remix package), and 2012’s full-length Transsektoral. The duo now return with the announcement of a new two-tracker, followed by a full-length later this year.

First up is Love Hertz / Cipher, a record that features one “blissful, uplifting, melodic and—at times—bluesy UK Bass-inspired cut,” with a “heavy, dark” number on the flip. It will arrive weeks in advance of the duo’s upcoming full-length Turns.

Love Hertz / Cipher is due out October 7. Stream snippets below and pre-order from the Ostgut storeTurns is set to follow on November 25.