Barker & Baumecker have extended the narrative of their album Turns with the exclusive track “Promises In The Dark” (first published as a bonus track on the limited, high resolution USB card version of the album).

Whereas the album’s music dodges the classic concept of the Techno club track format in favor of occasional twists, changing pace and rhythm within individual pieces, “Promises In The Dark” undergoes a rather steady development: the track uses a very mellow vibe and linear build-up to appease the listener.

Philip Bussmann‘s music video translates the song’s ambient and trance textures by referencing these with seemingly anachronistic, dreamy imagery, building upon Lee Wagstaff’s original 3D-renderings from the two heads that are Barker & Baumecker; both in correspondance while dissociating from each other. Just like the music there’s more than meets the eye: “Promises In The Dark”s visual companion demands attention, focus, open eyes and ears for subtle nuances.