Sam Barker, better known as Barker, will release a new EP on Smalltown Supersound.

While Barker’s recent releases, 2018’s Debiasing EP and 2019’s Utility, explored the possibilities of kickless dancefloor tracks, Unfixed sees him exploring the sonic possibilities of the kick-drum.

Following the release of 2021’s BARKER002 EP on Ostgut Ton, Unfixed emerged from a session in bass drum design. Tracks were started and then left unfinished, only to be approached again and again over lengthy intervals. Stylistically, the result is a mix of “raw, stuttering, psychedelic growl, kosmische techno, and infinite iterations of a single groove,” we’re told.

The result, once again, is “a sound and musical framework all of his own.”

For more information on Barker, check out his XLR8R interview here.


01. Birmingham Screwdriver
02. Wick and Wax
03. Golden Hammer
04. Percussive Maintenance

Unfixed EP is scheduled for August 25 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Birmingham Screwdriver” in full via the player below. Pre-order is available here.

Photo: Easton West