Photo: Easton West

Barker has released BARKER 002, a new EP on Ostgut Ton.

The three-track EP is Barker’s first full release since Utility, his breakout debut solo album that featured among our favorite releases on 2019. The album itself followed on the heels of Debiasing, an EP that sounded completely different to anything he’d put out before. Over four tracks, Barker experimented with making dance music “while avoiding the deeply ingrained cues,” which, in this case, meant removing the kick-drum altogether.

As its title suggests, BARKER 002 follows on sonically from BARKER001, a low-key white-label packing three hyper-detailed techno cuts. The opener, “E7 E5,” was one of Barker’s my first attempts at kick-less stuff around 2015, and the other two tracks he made last year. it’s available now for digital download and as a physical pre-order in all shops. Hand-stamped vinyl will ship in June.

For more information on Barker, check out his in depth feature with William Ralston, “Moving with Melody,” here.


01. E7-E5
02. Bent
03. Polytely

BARKER002 is available digitally now with vinyl coming next month. Meanwhile, you can order here and stream it in full below.