In addition to being one of the most beloved festivals in all of Europe, Dekmantel has a superb catalog of music that they have been releasing since 2009. To bolster its roster even further, Dekmantel has teamed up with Stuart Li (aka Basic Soul Unit) for his second album, Under the Same Sky. Having previously released music through esteemed labels such as Ostgut Ton, Mule Electronic, Versatile, and Nonplus Records, a partnership with Dekmantel only seems appropriate. Serving as a follow up to his debut LP, Motional Response, released in 2012, Basic Soul Unit has continued to develop his own radical, sharp style of house music that is noticeably influenced by his Chicago and Detroit influences.

Under the Same Sky will be available for purchase on October 16th. You can pre-order and grab more info regarding Basic Soul Unit’s new LP by visiting the Dekmantel website here.

01. We All Want To Believe
02. Without Fears
03. Landlocked
04. The Rift Between
05. Until The End Comes
06. Temptress
07. Unwavered
08. Restless In Thoughts
09. Fate In Hand
10. Under The Same Sky