Welcome to XLR8R’s monthly installment of all things sublow and dutty. Normally, we scour the globe for the latest dubstep record releases, events, news, tours and other bassbin fodder. Here, however, we’ll turn the lens on our own backyard, the San Francisco Bay Area, where the major rumblings aren’t from another earthquake, but from the area’s propulsive dubstep scene that encompasses scores of producers, labels, promoters, DJs, radio shows, and of course, amazing fans.

We’re gonna keep this overview brief, space won’t allow mentions of all the great people and places; call this a Golden Gate dubstep snapshot! However, one way to keep up with all the runnings is via former Bay resident Dina Marie’s excellent Groundscore’s dubstep forum–all the local heavies log-on here and announce their events and recordings regularly.

The main reason for our local rewind: several Bay Area producers and DJs just returned from a successful trip to London. DJG, Matty G, Nick Argon, SamSupa, and Miro got deep at Plastic People’s FWD, DMZ’s anniversary dance, and lead a stateside invasion on DJ N-Type’s Sunday Rinse FM radio show.

I caught up with DJG and SamSupa to get their take on Londontown.

On the SF crew’s London trip:

DJG: I flew to London just to spend three days there, then turn around and go home. It was a major financial sacrifice for me–I literally packed a loaf of bread in my suitcase along with cheese, ham, mayo and a ton of nutrition bars. I’d been to London a few times before and I knew how expensive it is. My friends I was traveling with all laughed at me, but also took pity and bought me beer and stuff.

SamSupa: As soon as we landed, we headed to BM Soho to visit Youngsta who works there Fridays. While I was in BM I felt some one come up behind me and grab me–it was Caspa, glad to see us and excited to be out in the Bay soon. Surefire and Full Melt are bringing out Caspa and Rusko it should be sick! We met up for a cigar and some drinks with Sgt. Pokes from DMZ before FWD and we asked what to expect Saturday and he said they were expecting twice the amount from last year’s anniversary. Later on Boomnoise and Kuma Reso stopped by the bar, as well as the lovely and talented Georgina Cook. FWD was amazing–the sound is clean and the bass hits in the chest. Youngsta, Tes La Rok and Bun Zero played and I got to meet Toasty and say hello to D1 and Eddy Woo and of course the SMOG boys from LA. I got pretty ripped at FWD–big up DJG for the way back to the hotel!

On DMZ’s Anniversary Party:

DJG: Being at the DMZ three-year anniversary party had special significance for me as a dubstep producer; it was my personal one-year anniversary with the music. The party was great; Mala is such a guiding light–I admire him as a producer and a grounded, moral person. Goth-Trad stole the night. Absolutely blinded everyone with his set. He had some tune that got like four rewinds.

SamSupa: The main room was so rammed you could not move. Dubwar NYC’s Joe Nice and Dave Q were on and rocking it heavy. All the rooms were open including the Third Bass room with sets by Applblim, Shacketon and Plastician and others. I hung out by the bar skanking about and catching up with many people Grand Distance, Cyrus; met TRG in the stairwell and caught Walsh before he went home. The night ended with Plastician and Kode 9 and we left at like 6:20 am to get food before figuring out how to get back to Shoreditch.

On DJing at RinseFM:

DJG: Matty G, myself, Sam Supa, Nick Argon, DQ, Chef, LD, 24karat and N-Type all got to throw down on a four-hour mashup set at RinseFM, hosted by N-Type and Beezy. Again, it had special significance for me, N-Type’s Rinse show has had a huge influence on me personally and musically, and he’s been my biggest supporter in the UK. Just to see the studio was a total trip, and such an awesome experience.

SamSupa: Sunday we went to Rinse for the international takeover. We had a great time and I was so honored to play Rinse again and also play some West Coast Cali artists to a bigger audience. We brought all of our left over whiskey, vodka and Stella’s to make it a party. I wish I could have stayed until Thursday to see Magnetic Man, a live act featuring Artwork, Benga and Skream who performed Wednesday at Cargo night. Big up my travel gang Miro, DJG and Mitch-Proxy.

Props to the folks who make the SF Bay scene basstastic:
SamSupa, Subtek, DJ Munk, Jus Wan, Cyan, Enzyme, Miro, Dub U, Ripple, Emcee Child, Jamin, Audio Angel, Axiom MC, Lexxus, Djunya, Juju, DJG, Kozee, Ultraviolet, Kush Arora, Maneesh The Twister, Kid Kameleon, DJ Collage, Matty G, Babylon System, Roommate, Nick Argon and many others.

Photo of DJ G by Miroslav Wiesner.

Upcoming SF Bay Dubstep Events:

Friday, March 14:Narco.Hz presents Subtek V. Cyan, Kozee V. Antiserum, Djunya V. Jus Wan, Emcee Child. Underground SF, 424 Haight Street, San Francisco.

Sunday, March 16:Dub Mission featuring DJ Collage (live), DJs Maneesh The Twister, DJ Sep. Elbo Room, 647 Valencia Street. San Francisco

Friday, March 21:Grime City with guest DJ Djunya, plus residents Cyan, SamSupa, DJ Munk, Enzyme and Emcee Child. Anu Bar, 43 Sixth Street, San Francisco.

Saturday, March 22:Surya Dub with Dhruva, Flying Lotus, and Ras Gilbert, plus residents Kid Kameleon, Maneesh the Twister, Ripley, Amar, Jimmy Love, Ross Hogg, DJ Neta, Kush Arora. Club Six, 66 Sixth Street, San Francisco.

Friday, March 28:Argon presents Tes La Rok (Finland), 12th Planet, Nick Argon, Babylon System, Matty G. Club Six, 60 Sixth Street, San Francisco.

Saturday, April 5:Full Melt and Surefire present Caspa & Rusko, DJG, Matty G, Ripple, SamSupa, Kush Arora, Coup D’VilleDJ Collage & MC Zulu, and more. Jellys, 295 Terry Francois Blvd. San Francisco.