Croydon-based dubstep superstar Benga’s debut album, on Tempa, has been delayed. The hype over recent singles “Night” (co-produced by Digital Mystikz’ Coki) and advance tracks played on Rinse FM has fueled demand for Benga’s DJ sets and forthcoiming release. We should see Diary of an Afro Warrior hit the shelves in the UK and Europe in November, followed by a U.S. release in 2008. Look out WMC!

Speaking of top grime, house, and dubstep pirate radio station Rinse, their new website has launched, and now features lots of links and special offers. The station is now partnered with UK youth TV series Dubplate Drama, which features grime emcees and pirate stations as central figures in its tales of urban UK life.

Benga and Hatcha’s recent S.F. appearance at TempleSF garnered a huge response. Emcee Child and DJ Collage brought heat on the mic. Video clips of the event are slowly appearing; another memorable night of dubstep in tha Sucka Free. Next up for SF: Vex’d at Juju’s NarcoHz night (Oct. 26), and Dallas don Jason Mundo at Club Six’s Surya Dub (Oct. 27).

Rough Trade will release Skull Disco’s Soundboy Punishments, digitally and as a 2-CD set, on October 23. London-based Skull Disco is owned by Shackleton–known for middle-Eastern influenced beats and dubwise sensibilities–and Appleblim who trades in brutal riffage and a broad range of styles.

The sunshine state Florida has a dedicated dubstep web portal. Taking design cues from Dubstepforum, visitors can browse the latest FLA releases, clubs, and discussions at this spot–including Winter Music Conference (March 25 – 29, 2008) updates!

Speaking of Dubstepforum: vote in the “Dubstep Grammy’s”–the Forum’s yearly user generated awards. Nominations for categories like DJ of the Year, Newcomer of the Year, and Best 12” end October 27.

On the mixes tip, definitely have a listen to SamSupa’s “Falling Into Dubstep”, which features a wicked, unreleased track (“Stone”) by Reform.

Bass Reaction is feeling the Steps In Time Recordings‘ new tracks. Its latest is Matty G’s (Argon) “Silver And Gold” EP–a booming, reggae dub-influenced single. Props to UK-based Forensics‘ latest single “Endgame.” He mixes more on the dark side of the spectrum, but keeps it bassy. Also of note, Martin Blackdown Clark’s Keysound label’s newest, Dusk + Blackdown feat. Trim “The Bits”–out now. Blackdown’s South and Eastern Asian-influenced samples and clicky, Burial-like programming make Clark’s releases stand out.

In Bristol, it’s all about H.E.N.C.H! That’s where you’ll find lads like Jakes, and Reduction Records who’ll release Bristol-HENCH-man Wedge and Gatekeeper (Punch Drunk) on Reduction’s first single “Overfiend” b/w “Overfiend (Gatekeeper remix).” In December, they drop Elemental’s “925.” Big tings!

Hotflush gives us Boxcutter’s new single this month: “Philly” backed with “Endothermic.” Boxcutter makes weighty, Vex’d-style productions with equally melodic, electro-tinged elements. “Philly” is also featured on Hotflush’s Space and Time comp (out now). Hotflush release Nyabingi’s “Bionicle” and the new Scuba 12”, “Outmost,” in December. Also check the man DZ, whose “Slums Dub” is out now on Scuba, with “Chalice Dub/That Bongo Dub” forthcoming LoDubs.