Baths, real name Will Wiesenfeld, will launch his Basement’s Basement label with Pop Music / False B-Sides II.

Pop Music / False B-Sides II contains a dozen renewed ideas and sketches finally colorized. Some of these tracks were considered for the final tracklists of Obsidian (2013) and Romaplasm (2017). Others started their creative life as collaborative efforts and some were originally pegged for Wiesenfeld’s Geotic project. Wiesenfeld recorded the lyrics only recently, specially for this collection.

One of the most poignant and personal tracks is the finale, “The Stones.” Shortly before Wiesenfeld’s father passed away earlier this year, his dad had pointed out a bit in the lyrics that made him proud of his son: “I still trust that men can be lovely/do what you like/but do it to me.”

In support of the release, Wiesenfeld has shared the video for the first single, “Mikaela Corridor,” which is streaming below. Directed by Dan Streit, it tells the story of a kid temporarily lost to the hype, only to tap in with his inner voice and assume his true identity.

Wiesenfeld is also re-issuing the first Pop Music / False B-Sides record, originally released in 2011 as a tour exclusive, as well.


01. Immerse
02. Tropic Laurel
03. Mikaela Corridor
04. Agora
05. Sex
06. Stomach Tile
07. Fortuna
08. Wistful (Fata Morgana)
09. Veranda Shove
10. Lung Tile
11. Be That
12. The Stones

Pop Music / False B-Sides II is out digitally on May 29. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here.