Intended as a companion piece to last year’s Obsidian LP—or as the press relase puts it, “the Dia De Los Muertos to Obsidian’s Halloween”—Baths (a.k.a. Will Wiesenfeld) will release his Ocean Death EP via Anticon next month. Along with the announcement, Baths has shared a stream of the record’s title track, which trudges in a somewhat different direction from his 2013 album, meshing Wiesenfeld’s’ angelic falsetto with more techno-influenced production. Interestingly, the track is said to predate Bath’s debut LP, with the accompany press releasing stressing that it “existed before a single note of 2010’s Cerulean had been recorded.”

Ocean Death is set to drop on May 6 via Baths’ regular label home, Anticon. In the meantime, the forthcoming EP’s title track can be streamed in full below, where the record’s tracklist has also been included.

01 Ocean Death
02 Fade White
03 Voyeur
04 Orator
05 Yawn