Connoisseurs of forgotten dance music treasures will be happy to hear that London’s BBE imprint has teamed up with the good folks at Chicago’s Mr. Peabody Records (pictured above) to present a double-disc comp of lost and/or untapped gems from past Chicago and Chicago-influenced disco and boogie artists. For those who aren’t familiar with the credentials the Mr. Peabody camp (run by co-owners/curators Mark Grusane and Mike Cole) has to its name, the record store/distributor has “spent many years travelling to various destinations, home and abroad, in an effort to snare every possible unique vinyl gem we could get our hands on,” and then shared those findings in the form of collectible vinyl with the public for over a decade. The first comprehensive comp to arise from this long-standing endeavor, entitled Real Sound of Chicago and Beyond, will see a release later this month on August 15. You may not recognize many of the names on the tracklist, but we’ve still included it below along with the accompanying artwork for your perusing.

CD1 Chicago:
01. The Moore Brothers – I Want To Marry You
02. Crystal Wind – It Ain’t Easy
03. Oscar Strickland – Changing With The Times
04. Sun Sect feat. Pam – She’s Hot
05. Sheila Hutchinson-Whitt – A New You In ’82
06. Lady Gwendolyn – Shout!!
07. Nedra – Get Up And Dance
08. Dan Boadi And The African Internationals – Play That Funky Music
09. Conway Brothers – Turn It Up
10. Kenny Wells – What You Got Left For Love

CD2 Beyond:
01. Elouise Burrell – It’s Alright
02. Vanatti – I’ve Got To Break Away (Instrumental)
03. Clive Stevens – CHEGA
04. Hot Pepper – Cancion Ritual
05. Total Eclipse – Disco Boogie
06. Nadie La Fonde – Three Way Situation
07. Nate Williams – Mugged By Love (Instrumental)
08. Lily Fields – Lover
09. The Energy Comission – I Only Have Eyes For You
10. SpaceArk – Do What You Can Do
11. Judy Clayton – Loves Gonna Find You (Mr Peabody Re-Adjusted Edit)
12. Jaisun – I Fall In Love Everyday
13. Kurtis Scott – Build (Pt.1 & 2)