Tia Maria Produções, the crew of DJ Bboy, DJ Danifox, DJ Lycox, and Puto Márcio, will release Lei Da Tia Maria, a new EP, on Principe.

Tia Maria Produções last came together in 2014 with Tá Tipo Já Não Vamos Morrer. This latest outing features solo tracks from each member, plus a collaboration with DJ Danifox and DJ Lycox.

Opener “Xupetilson,” with its video streaming below, speaks about a hot-tempered DJ who couldn’t resist throwing bad vibes around, so Danifox sings “you’re coming to bite me but you’re not a dog.”

B.Boy keeps the pace with “Kuribotas,” a “no-brainer intense beat track,” we’re told, before Danifox delivers “Aguenta,” working around a dark, rainy soundscape, while going off on a “jealousy trip” with samples of “you showed contempt, you didn’t nurture, so now deal with it.”

The collaboration comes next, before the EP bows out with “the usual heart-breaking grooves” of Puto Márcio, the label says.

We’re told to expect an EP that explores the range of batida styles.

To learn more about DJ Danifox, check out his XLR8R podcast here.

Principe has also released the vinyl version of Niagara‘s Pais & Filhos, originally published back in May on digital, now with a new record cover created by Márcio Matos.

The video for “Xupetilson” is directed by Afonso Mota.


01. DJ Danifox “Xupetilson”
02. DJ B.Boy “Kuribotas”
03. DJ Lycox “11h Na Lisa”
04. DJ Danifox “Aguenta”
05. DJ Danifox & DJ Lycox “Mete o Bass”
06. Puto Márcio “Coisas da Vida”

Lei Da Tia Maria is scheduled for December 11 release. Meanwhile, you can stream DJ Danifox’ “Xupetilson” in full below, and pre-order here.