NYC MC/producer Beans (pictured above) has just announced a new collaboration with Ghostly-signed artist Mux Mool, a brand-new EP issued today under his Knifefight moniker. The six-track Knifefight dropped as a “name-your-price” download via Anticon‘s Bandcamp, marking Beans’ second release for the Bay Area label as Knifefight. According to the prolific artist, “The tracks are up-tempo and groovy, but still open enough to let me do my thing. Mux’s tracks inspired me to write immediately and in a more upfront and accessible way.” Backed by Mux Mool’s chippy synth work, Beans spits out a relentless salvo of verses across his new release, detailing his wry seductions of women and self-congratulations around occasional appearances from Cities Aviv, Kool AD, and Sub Con. The entirety of Beans’ and Mux Mool’s Knifefight EP can be streamed below.