Recently signed to Anticon, Beans (of Antipop Consortium fame) will release a new record titled End It All in early 2011. Stepping away from the production knobs, Beans will ride the music of a surprising array of guest producers including Four Tet, Clark, In Flagranti, Tobacco, Tortoise, and TV on the Radio. The press release for the album describes Beans as “a ravenous consumer of mystery novels,” and claims that “[Beans’] favorite pastime comes to life in the character study found on Four Tet’s rapid-fire banger, ‘Anvil Falling,’ and in the black imagery that fittingly accompanies Tobacco’s ‘Glass Coffins.'” The album clocks in at just 33 minutes, laid over 13 tracks, a testament to how Beans can pack a punch, both as an MC and a curator.