Photo by Carlo Sanchez.

Chad Valencia (a.k.a yuk.) will return to Leaving Records with his new EP, Paraiso.

Valencia is co-founder and head chef of Los Angeles’ LASA restaurant. He last appeared on Leaving with 2015’s A N A K LP, and hasn’t put out any solo material since.

We’re told that this latest outing speaks sonically and conceptually to the nuanced heritage of Valencia’s traditional Filipino upbringing. It marks the first of two instalments in contemporary works of sound art forthcoming from the experimental beatmaker.

Lead single “ago,” streaming below, launches with swirling samples of rushing water, lightly dusted with guitar loops and crackling samples, culminating in a melodic musing of left-field beat music.


01. ago
02. harpsilog
03. kulam
04. paraiso theme
05. oasis of light
06. ika
07. body language
08. remember
09. palawan
10. tortay & friends
11. dust

Paraiso EP is out October 18.