As one of the owners of the monumental music download hub Beatport, Brad Roulier works with tunes made by the world’s top electronic producers and DJs on a regular basis. As owner of the Denver, CO, nightlife hotspot Beta Nightclub, Roulier regularly brings some of those same acts to his hometown, but now, one rival club owner claims Roulier’s business practices are unfair and monopolistic. Regas Christou, owner of Denver nightclubs like The Church, Vinyl, and Bar Standard, has filed a suit against Roulier, claiming more than $1 million in losses as a result of Roulier’s practices. The basis of Christou’s claim, according to the Denver Post, is that performers are being bullied into playing at Beta because of its connection to Beatport. Some artists have allegedly received threats of having their catalogs pulled from the download service if they play a rival club, while others, including the likes of Deadmau5, DJ Dan, and Sasha, are just afraid of angering Roulier. But Roulier’s lawyer thinks it could just be jealousy, saying, “I think that Mr. Christou is really mistaking Beta’s popularity among the artists and the public as being unfair competition. That’s what this suit may well be about.” The lawsuit’s trial is still pending, but if/when it happens, Christou hopes to put an end to unfair practices and recoup his damages.