Photo | Nadine Fraczkowski

Beatrice Dillon will release her debut album on PAN in February.

Workaround combines Dillon’s love of UK club music’s syncopated suss and Afro-Caribbean influences with a gamely experimental approach to modern composition and stylistic fusion. It uses inventive sampling and luminous mixing techniques adapted from modern pop to “express fresh ideas about groove-driven music and perpetuate its form with timeless, future-proofed clarity,” the label explains. Dillon recorded it between 2017 and ’19 in London, Berlin, and New York.

We’re told that the album renders a hypnotic series of polymetric permutations at a fixed 150bpm tempo. It mixes meticulous FM synthesis and harmonics with acoustic samples from a range of guests, including UK Bhangra pioneer Kuljit Bhamra, Pharoah Sanders Band’s Jonny Lam, Laurel Halo, Batu, and Lucy Railton, among others.

The album’s literary and visual inspirations range from James P. Carse’s book “Finite And Infinite Games” to the abstract drawings of Tomma Abts and Jorinde Voigt, as well as painter Bridget Riley’s essays on grids and colour.

Dillon last appeared in 2018 with the Selects / Dissects mixtape on Rvng Intl.


01. Workaround One
02. Workaround Two
03. Workaround Three
04. Workaround Four
05. Workaround Five
06. Clouds Strum
07. Workaround Six
08. Workaround Seven
09. Workaround Eight
10. Workaround Nine
11. Square Fifths
12. Workaround Bass
13. Pause
14. Workaround Ten

Workaround LP is out on February 7, 2020. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Workaround Two” below.