International label Because Music has established itself as a mainstay in the world of electronic music since its inception in 2005, having helped champion the likes of DJ Mehdi, Justice, and Erol Alkan. Now, the French-born music group plans to release a compilation of vintage electronic productions from its home country, exploring the eclectic narrative of “cosmic and electronic avant garde” sounds from across the ’70s. Called Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980), the release promises to be an extensive trip into a time when “the future wasn’t yet a retro notion.”

Olivier Carrié (who curated the Shaolin Soulseries) handpicked the 20 spacious synth-disco jams and ambient ruminations featured throughout Cosmic Machine—including Jean Michel Jarre, Serge Gainsbourg’s “Le Physique Et Le Figure,” Thomas Bangalter’s father Daniel Vangarde (a.k.a. DVWB), disco icon Marc Cerrone, and “Le Bracelet” by Alan Goraguer, whose Fantastic Planet soundtrack was sampled frequently for Madlib’s Quasimoto records. Exploring the more emotive and passionate side of French electronic music history, the forthcoming compilation is something of a love letter to innovative and experimental composers who championed analog synthesizers and challenged the all-consuming American disco scene at its peak. Before Because Music’s Cosmic Machine is made available on October 14, its tracklist can be found below.

1. Patrick Juvet “Le Reve”
2. Didier Marouani “Temps X”
3. Droids “Shanti Dance Part 1 & Part 2”
4. Fraçois de Roubaix “Survol”
5. Space “Magic Fly”
6. Universal Energy “Disco Energy (I)”
7. Pierre Bachelet “Motel Show”
8. Space Art “Love Machine”
9. The Atomic Crocus “Ombilic Contact”
10. Jean Michel Jarre “Blackbird”
11. Bernard Fevre “That Is To Be”
12. Cerrone “Generique (Debut)”
13. Frederic Mercier “Spirit”
14. Quartz “Chaos”
15. Rene Roussel “Caramel”
16. Serge Gainsbourg “Le Physique Et Le Figure”
17. DVWB “Acqua”
18. Alain Goraguer “Le Bracelet
19. Jean-Jacques Perrey “E.V.A.”
20. Rockets “Rocket Man (Instrumental)”