Bubblin’ Up alum Toby Ridler (a.k.a. Becoming Real) went very quiet not long after our 2012 feature on him, but we never really knew why. As FACT reports though, there was a horribly good reason: Ridler had just finished recording his debut LP when all trace of it was wiped out by a hard drive crash. It would take some people a lifetime to get over such a calamity, but fortunately it’s taken Ridler only a couple of years.

The reinvigorated producer’s first post-disaster release has now arrived in the form of the five-track LQD OIL EP, which is out now on Ridler’s own newly launched ZONE label. A collection of “rougher jungle, techno and sound pieces,” the record has been released as a limited run of 50 cassettes (with download code). Ridler has also reportedly finished re-recording his as-yet-untitled debut album, and says it will see the light of day in the the next few months via the Transgressive label. In the meantime, Becoming Real’s LQD OIL can be streamed in full using the player below.