Anthony Moses Davis, aka Beenie Man, is one of the acknowledged founders of modern dancehall and someone who remains a largely influential figure in the genre, with a recording career that began when he was eight and discography that exhaustively spans the major and the indie labels. It’s no surprise then, that his upcoming release is going to be a big one. Working on the album alongside Davis is Dave Kelly, who produced Davis’ 2004 album Dude, and hip-hop hit maker Scott Storch, who has worked with everyone from The Roots to Beyonce. The list of guest artists is no less impressive, with appearances by Akon, Lady Saw, and Ivy Queen, and more.

Undisputed is out August 29, 2006 on Virgin Records.


1. Undisputed
2. Chacka Dance
3. Hmm Hmm
4. Girls feat. Akon
5. Dutty Wine Gal feat. Brooke Valentine
6. Jamaican Ting
7. Beenie Man feat. D’Angel
8. Come Again
9. Fire feat. Voltio & Randy
10. Heart Attack
11. Walk Out
12. My World feat. Lady Saw
13. Set You Free
14. My Woman