Up next on Beeyou Records‘ Pollen is b0n with an EP of garage, breaks, and house flavours.

Launched earlier this year, Pollen is the digital-only sister-label of Beeyou Records, which itself launched in 2017 in Ibiza but has since been nurtured in London. At its helm sit DJs Laidlaw and Jamie Mannion. There have been three EPs to date, the latest coming in May from XHZ and Jake Flory.

Pollen#4 is the digital-only label’s fourth release.

b0n’s only previous release, Back To Petersburg, came last year through Russian label MixCult.


A1. Inner Evolution
A2. Moriarty
B1. Mr. Poopybutthole
B2. & Me 2

Pollen#4 EP is coming soon exclusively to Bandcamp. You can hear clips of the tracks below.