Not all artists can extensively tour the world and simultaneously write massive amounts of new material. Beirut‘s man-in-chief, Zach Condon, just happens to be one of the lucky few. 2007 saw the release of the band’s The Flying Club Cup, a boat load of tour dates in support of the album, and enough new material written on the road for yet another release, due out February 16 of next year.

March of the Zapotec, though technically another full-length, is being billed as a double EP, with disc two, entitled Holland, featuring solo work from Condon under his Realpeople guise. Also of note should be the contributions from a 19-member Oaxacan marching band the boys enlisted while recording in Mexico earlier this year.

The double-disc package will be released via Condon’s own Pompeii imprint.

March Of The Zapotec
01 “El Zocalo”
02 “La Llorna”
03 “My Wife”
04 “The Akara”
05 “On a Bayonet”
06 “The Shrew”

01 “My Night With a Prostitute From Marseille”
02 “My Wife, Lost in the Wild”
03 “Venice”
04 “The Concubine”
05 “No Dice”

Photo by Luba B. Glade.