Up next on Goldie’s Metalheadz is Phase with his second solo EP for the UK label. 

The young Belgian producer, real name Bram Schrooyen, made his solo debut on Metalheadz last year with Stakes, having already featured in collaboration with Villem. 

We’re told that Urban Angel is comprised of epic breakdowns, razor-sharp drums, and a “vintage Metalheadz attitude.” It  twists and turns throughout various sub-genres with the appearance of several collaborators, among them HLZ, Jevon Ives, and Villem. 


A1. Urban Angel

A2. Devotion (ft. HLZ)

B1. Antidote To Chaos (ft. Villem)

B2. Understand (ft. Jevon Ives)

Urban Angel EP lands May 31.