Since 2006’s October Language, New Orleans-based duo Belong has been on a roll. Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones (not to be confused with Mike Jones), have announced a predominantly East Coast tour with Sub Pop production-monolith The Album Leaf, plus the release of a mysterious, untitled 12” on Secretly Canadian sub-label St. Ives, which will include vocals (a step away from the duo’s swollen soundscapes), and some ’60s covers (groovy).

In addition to crafting a remix for Nine Inch Nails under the moniker Benelli, the collaborative duo has also scored a soundtrack to the video game Blast Factor, for Playstation 3, under the name Drop D. Unlike Belong’s signature lush instrumentals, Drop D is all-out Science Fiction-electro–with some traces of Belong’s textured history.

The OG Belong duo is also prepping a follow-up long-player, set for release in the fall of 2007, presumably without any signs of dancecrafted-wizzardry. But Science Fiction-electro? Vocals? You never know.

05/07 Tampa, FL: Crowbar